Monday, February 15, 2010

Links to D13 Awards photos 2-13-2010

Photos of the Awards given at D 13 meeting at Clackamas, OR 2-13-2010. Please use as you see fit. If possible please put titles or scrip of who and what with the photos and save back to a site for all.

Dean Wimer

Thursday, February 11, 2010

AUX Officer Inquiry and Online Directory

Recently, a new tool was made available to us so we could reference directory information without having to maintain our own copies of sensitive personal information about our members. The AUX Member Directory is available at The user id and password is the same as you use to access the E-Directory and the District Materials Store. This is a part of our direction of not having you remember another password but to use a 'single sign on concept' Please check out this new capability and provide feedback.

Benefits of Membership

From time to time questions come up about what benefits we have as a result of being an Auxiliary member. Chapter 3, Section D.1 of the AUX Manual lists the following items that might be a useful reference tool for existing and new members.

Here is what the manual says:

"Membership Privileges

Once an applicant has been approved as an Auxiliarist, the Auxiliarist shall have the following privileges:

• Entitled to receive current copies of certain Auxiliary publications and The Navigator magazine at Government expense.
• Entitled to attend all Auxiliary national, district, division, and flotilla meetings, training sessions, and social events.
• Entitled to vote on any flotilla matter.
• Entitled to be carried on the district membership rolls and receive an Auxiliary membership photo identification card.
• Entitled to wear an Auxiliary uniform with proper devices and insignia of the current or highest past office held.
• Eligible for any elected or appointed office for which qualified.
• Eligible to receive Coast Guard orders and be assigned to duty.
• Entitled to fly the Auxiliary Ensign on any currently inspected facility, including vessel, aircraft or radio facilities, and on or near buildings or homes in which such facilities are located or in which the Auxiliarist resides. Those Auxiliarists may fly the Auxiliary Ensign day and night. While underway, an Auxiliarist must be on board when flying the Auxiliary Ensign. If an Auxiliarist is present, the Auxiliary Ensign may be displayed in appropriate public places in order to promote the purposes of the Auxiliary. The Auxiliary Ensign must be maintained in good condition at all times (true color, no tattered corners, strings, etc.) to bring credit to the organization.
• Entitled to Coast Guard and Auxiliary advanced training.
• Authorized to use Coast Guard Exchange System (CGES) exchanges, pursuant to the restrictions contained in the Nonappropriated Fund Activities Manual, COMDTINST M7010.5 (series).
• Authorized to use Department of Defense exchanges only when purchasing articles and accessories of the uniform.
• Authorized by proper Coast Guard authority to use Government vehicles to perform official business, such as when augmenting a recruiting office.
• Granted access to the Coast Guard’s Mutual Assistance Program, which provides no interest loans or grants for emergencies and student loans.
• Authorized to use Coast Guard Morale, Well-Being, and Recreation (MWR) programs as specified in the Coast Guard Morale, Well-Being, and Recreation Manual, COMDTINST M1710.13 (series). This does not include the patronage of Child Development Centers (CDCs). Any eligibility to use Coast Guard CDCs may be found in the Child Development Services Manual, COMDTINST M1754.15 (series).3-15

If you have any questions about all this, please give your Flotilla Commander the opportunity to answer your question or get you the answer.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Update on Invasive Species Inspector Training

The location of the Invasive Species Inspector Training class has changed several times as we attempted to locate a room large enough that did not charge for the room usage. We will have the class at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife located at 3406 Cherry Ave NE in Salem Oregon.

We have 40 signed up for the class and have 15 more spots avaiable. If you are not on the following list and plan to attend, please e-mail me with your name, phone number and member number and I will add you to the list. 1 Allen Roger 2 Andreasen Dick 3 Bageant John 4 Bassham Finis 5 Bielenberg Dick 6 Billick Paul 7 Carpenter Rob 8 Dail Danny 9 Easton Lynn 10 Geurtze Bob 11 Goodman Chris 12 Gordon James 13 Gyore Nicholas 14 Hale Mike 15 Hall Guttormsen 16 Hoffman Norm 17 Johnson LeOra 18 Johnson Russ 19 Kim Johns 20 Kroll Paul 21 Kusz LT. Jim 22 Langue Shiela 23 Lewis Michael 24 Marconi John 25 Marconi Peggy 26 Maxfield Bob 27 Miller Kendra 28 Murphy Tom 29 O'Dell Robert 30 Paulson John 31 Polimeni Jonathan 32 Pritchard Jerry 33 Redfield Mark 34 Robertson Paul 35 Sipes George 36 Smith Glenn 37 White Lee 38 Wimer Dean 39 Wisher Nate 40 Wood Dennis

This class is sponsored by the McMinnville Flotilla.

Hope to see you there! Dean Wimer VFC Flotilla 66 - McMinnville, OR 13th US Coast Guard District Auxiliary H:503 472-1569 C:503 435-7946

_______________________________________________ Cgd13aux-dps mailing list

If you would like to report abuse of the CGLS listserv please send an email to:

Change of address for ordering PE materials

Attention: all members who order PE materials from JO Ann Hall,ADSO-MA 13 Change of address effective immediately JO Ann Hall, ADSO-MA 13 PO Box 28001 Spokane, WA 99228 If you have recently ordered, I will get it, just not as quickly if you send it to the old address. Please see that you do not send to the address on the form. Any question please email me at <> Thank you for your prompt attention to this. JO Ann

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Buoy 13

Fellow members of the USCG Auxiliary, Thirteenth District,

The deadline for submissions to the District newsletter, Buoy 13, is rapidly approaching. All submissions should be forwarded to me NO LATER THAN 20 February 2010, The expected publication date of the Spring Buoy 13 is April 1st so please target information forward to that date as appropriate.

Submissions are desired from all district and liaison officers with a specific goal of tell the story about your area of responsibility. Division and flotilla members are also encouraged to make submission when what they have to say teaches, highlights or entertains our members of the district. We are not looking for stories that apply only to your individual division or flotilla. Those stories belong in your Division or Flotilla newsletters. If you have something that is of general news worth then anyone can submit and item. All submissions will be given due consideration for applicability to this basic rule. All submissions are subject to editing to conform to CG style rules.

If you are submitting an item, please include any pictures or art work that might help illustrate your submission. Also, all submitters are asked to forward a photograph of themselves to help our readers to get to know you. We prefer shots of you in Auxiliary uniform if possible or appropriate to your story.

Articles should be submitted in either MS Word .DOC, universal .TXT, or Adobe Reader PDF formats. Photos should be in .JPEG, .TIF, .BMP or similar formats understandable by Adobe Photoshop. Photos should be 300 dpi or better resolution and color is preferred but black and white is acceptable too.

If you have any questions, please contact me at the below listed email.

Patrick Wills DSO-PB-D13 District Publication Officer