Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New ADSO Interpreter Corps

All, Following a request from our national organization to formalize the status of the Interpreter Corps by the appointment of an ADSO to manage the program, COMO Hoppman is please to appoint Penny Dustin to the position of ADSO-OP-I. Penny is well qualified to manage the Interpreter Corps program as you bring many personal qualities needed by this program, and has considerable experience in working with people needing these services. She continues to serve as AUX-C to the former ISC in Seattle. The Interpreter Corps program is included as part of the Operations Program. Penny, as ADSO-OP-I, will report to Fred Bell, DSO-OP. Please join me in congratulating Penny on her new appointment. Peter Peter Raiswell Chief of Staff US Coast Guard Auxiliary District 13

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